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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Websites, now-a-days, need continuous refinement and improvement to stay ahead of the competition. It is no longer simply good enough to have a website. Your website must capture the visitor's attention, have new information, and engage the visitor, or else loose that visitor to your competitor¡¯s web site.

The potential of an Internet business is amazing but it can be a challenge to convert 'potential' to 'reality'. When you work with us, we'll help turn your ideas into a clear vision. Then we can turn your vision into plans - and turn your plans into reality. Not only that, but we guarantee we'll help you come up with better ideas to build a better business.

Online businesses must be built in stages- stages that make sense to you and your customers. Our planning processes will help you work out what those stages need to be - and how to make them happen. Whatever your business, we can help. Over numerous years, the team at Byte Technology has provided consultation services to hundreds of business owners and managers. Now you can tap into this experience and gain


We've set up online businesses selling a huge variety of products and services from antiques to art, from matching services to selling flowers, web hosting service providers to large manufacturing corporate¡­ plus plenty more including Intranet systems for corporations and educational groups, and restricted access 'Members Only' services.

Our clients have different sized enterprises at different stages of life. Some are new and emerging, others well established. Some have large budgets, whilst others operate with more of a 'shoe-string' approach.

We're flexible - and we'll help you work out what needs to be done to build your online business with whatever resources you have available.

Our team invests heavily to stay on top of new developments in technology and Internet Marketing techniques, but you'll be pleased to know we are customer-focused rather than just technology-focused. We'll make sure your online business is customer-focused too!


Customer Focus

Your business does not start and finish with the development of your website. Neither should your Internet business partner. Our philosophy has always been to empower our clients and we'll help you do as much (or as little) of the planning, development and running of your online business as you want. You'll learn how you can do the day-to-day maintenance of your system, but we'll also be around when you need us to help you. You can have our expertise when you need it, but also keep your costs down.

"You have done a fantastic job and you deserve to show this one off. Seriously, I just love it, the whole site. I am so impressed with your creativity and effort.

Thank you! I am very excited about what you have done. Words alone could not express the gratitude that I found you. Thank you for understanding the needs of this !"
- Amit Badlani
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